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Japan Visa Application for Indonesian Passport

Tourist Visa: Rp. 600,000

Business Visa: To be advised

Processing Time of Visa: 8 working days (not inclusive of Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) from the appointment date.

Japan Visa Application Note:

  • Full charged will be applied regardless of application outcome.
  • Visa Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • The above conditions are subject to change at any time as requested by the embassy.
  • The success of obtaining the visa is at the discretion of the embassy.

Last Updated: 23 Apr 2014


Japan Visa Application Details for Indonesian Passport Holder

The Japanese Embassy has several consulates in Indonesia namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Ujung Pandang. Each application must apply for the visa according to the area where the passport is issued. For Foreign Citizenship visa application based on region where KIMS or KITAS is issued The division of working area of ​​consulate of Japan is as follows:

– Consulate Medan: Banda Aceh, Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Riau, Kep. Riau


Application Requirements:

  1. Passport valid for more than 6 months from date of arrival + old passport
  2. Forms to be filled in and signed (photos must be directly in temple to avoid photo attachment error)
  3. Photo 4 x 6 = 3 recent sheets, 75% zoom head size, (color) white background (not to be edited and good print quality, should not wear white clothes, no wearing glasses, forehead and visible mandatory ears in photo)
  4. Letter sponsor (must be guaranteed others) and SIUP Company
    • Sponsorship letter (in English) on company letterhead where you work
    • If no letterhead is typed on plain white paper, shop stamp, attach NPWP SIUP Photo copy (if any participate name in the sponsor letter)
    • If sponsored by a child there must be a child’s birth certificate that can prove the relationship (if the name is different please attach Rename).
    • If sponsored by a son-in-law attach a child’s marriage certificate and a child’s birth certificate that may indicate the relationship (if there is a rename attach rename)
  5. Copy of ID card / PASSPORT guarantor (mandatory)
  6. Letter of invitation from Japan if in the framework of business / family visit
    • If there are children / siblings in Japan there should be a letter from family in Japan and evidence of blood / family relationship (KK & birth certificate). Also attach copy of passport, visa copy, address & no. phone in Japan.
    • If staying in a friend’s house, there must be a letter from a friend, and proof of staying in Japan (resident’s card, passport copy, visa copy, address & phone number concerned with proof of residence)
  7. Copy of Birth Certificate (if not married)
  8. Copy of Marriage Certificate (when married)
  9. Copy of ID Card (photocopied in A4 size)
  10. Copy of KK
  11. Copy rename (if ever rename)
  12. Print out tickets must be the name of the applicant (mandatory)
  13. Hotel Confirmation must be the name of the applicant (mandatory)
  14. Schedule a trip while in Japan
  15. Bank Reference Letter (required)
  16. Financial evidence of the last 3 months of photo copy in the form of a newspaper account or if the savings must be copied from the front page of the name until the last page of personal transactions
  17. For Child (still school age) attach Birth Certificate + Student Card Photo copy (if no student card, please attach original letter from Sekolah)


Application Notes:

  • Requirements are arranged sequentially from no 1-17 and the photocopy should be on A4 size paper
  • All documents either form MUST use A4 size paper should not be in staples
  • For children who do not have ID, the form must be signed by both parents
  • Visa approved / not visa fee not refundable (non-refundable)

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