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Australia Visa Application for Indonesian Passport

Tourist Visa: Rp. 2,040,000

Business Visa: To be advised

Processing Time of Visa: 17-22 working days (not inclusive of Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) from the appointment date.


  • Full charged will be applied regardless of application outcome.
  • Visa Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • The above conditions are subject to change at any time as requested by the embassy.
  • The success of obtaining the visa is at the discretion of the embassy.

Last Updated: 09 May 2018


Australia Visa Application Details for Indonesian Passport Holder

Application form. Check that this is fully completed and signed

Each applicant, including dependent children, must apply on their own form.

  1. Valid passport with minimum of 6 months on departure date + attached Old passport (if any)
  2. Sponsor letter with company letterhead & stamped by the company, and fully explained the name & position of the visa applicant
  3. Letters of Invitation if in Business, If Business above 1 Months needed Rontgen
  4. If the wife departs alone without her husband, she must attach a Husband License
  5. For children leaving alone without a parent must attach a parent’s permit indicating the date of departure and date of return (must be signed father and mother) and copy of identity card
  6. If any family or friends visited in the Aussie must attach an Invitation Letters, Passport Visas and Passport Certificates, and Evidence of Relationship between Applicant to Applicant
  7. Copy of SIUP if Business Visa or if Owner
  8. Photocopy of Personal Financial Proof of last 3 months balance min. about Rp 50juta
  9. Copy of Company’s Financial Proof of Business Visa
  10. Copy of Family Card, Marriage Certificate if Married, Child’s Birth Certificate if Carrying Child
  11. Certificate of School if any Children are still in school
  12. Latest photo color 4×6 = 2 sheets (white background)
  13. Original KITAS + Copy if expatriate
  14. Completed and Signed Australian Visa Form completely (Please see attachment) or can be downloaded at: for Tourist Visa and / 48r.pdf for Business Visa
  15. For Applicants aged 75 years and over, travel insurance is required, a letter from a doctor appointed by the Embassy and Medical Check Up at the Hospital designated by the Embassy
  16. If the Aussie party involves financial, accommodation or other costs then the visa application process is as follows: The applicant must submit an application in the Aussie Immigration (DIMC), after confirmation from the immigration party, the Party who will apply for the visa (which in Jakarta ) may apply for a visa at the Aussie Jakarta embassy with confirmation from the Immigration page.
  17. If applicant wishes to stay in australia for 6 months must be X-Ray at designated Hospital (with a clear purpose in australia)
  18. Student visa application required original school admission, copy of the last diploma, payment of school in Aussie and medical check up.

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